Final Rehearsal Schedule - 02/16/2019

Final Rehearsal schedule- read the WHOLE thing 
Garnet and Gold Cast doesn’t matter to anyone but mic’d characters and tech crew so they know which rehearsal and show they get mic’d. Everyone else and new people who are unsure - everyone comes to every dress rehearsal and show. The only exception to the show directions are the four young orphans who are only in one or two shows. They are the only ones to come to just their shows. They still need to be at every dress rehearsal.

Sunday 2/17
Bring your $5 or $10 for Daddy Warbucks hair cutting fundraiser 
Bring your permission slips for previews and Living with Purpose
Hair and Makeup should be done before arrival
1:00-5:00 rehearsal 
Start time, not arrival time is 1pm.

Monday 2/18

3:00 Unite For Her Hair Cutting Fundraiser 
Practice 3:30-5:45

Tuesday to Friday 2/19-2/22 
let’s start using some mics and sets

Thursday 2/21 Living with Purpose 2:45-3:15 in auditorium

Friday 2/22 
Previews at other schools 9:10-12:20

Saturday 2/23 
9- until finished ALL HANDS ON DECK Finish set building and tech crew

Sunday 2/24
10:30 AM sitzprobe 
1:00 PM semi dress with mics,sets, and lights 
5:00 PM Mamma Mia Preshow Rehearsal

Rehearsal schedule- you may not miss practice for any reason this week

Monday 2/25
High School Preview in Enhancement
3:30-5:45 Garnet with mics 
Come right after school for mics

Tuesday 2/26
3:30-5:45 gold cast with mics

Wednesday 2/27 
3:30 - 6:15 run through full cast 
6:30 Present to eighth grade crossover night

Thursday 2/29 
2:45-3:15 Living with Purpose

3:30 -5:45 run through full cast tbd

Friday 3/1 
3:00 - 5:45 run through full cast

Saturday 3/2 
finish set building and tech crew

Sunday 3/3 
These are filmed and photographed. Full makeup and Hair. 
Garnet cast leads report at 10:30 for makeup, mics and costumes
Full cast report at 11:00 for costumes
Dress rehearsals
12-3:30 Garnet cast 
3:30-4:00 meal and white cast get ready 
4:00- 7:00 PM gold cast

Monday 3/4 
Garnet Cast Dress Rehearsal - report right after school for mics and costumes
Rehearsal will start on stage at 4:00- 7:00 (or when run through is finished - may take up to an hour longer)

Tuesday 3/5 
Gold Cast Dress Rehearsal - report right after school for mics and costumes
Rehearsal will start on stage at 4:00-7:00 (or when run through is finished - may take up to an hour longer)

Turn in all scripts to Megan McGarrey no later then 3/5
You will be charged $65 for missing scripts so do NOT forget

Wednesday - clean up if needed

Thursday -3/7 
2:45-3:15 Living with Purpose 
6:30 show 
Senior night cast honored at opening night 
Call time gold cast leads 4:00
Mic check 5:15
Chorus call time 5:00
Orphan / kids call time 5:45 in upper level of cafeteria

All grades K- 7 parents will help clean up backstage after the show

Friday 3/8 
6:30 show 
Call time gold and garnet cast leads 4:00
Mic check 5:15
Chorus call time 5:00
Orphan/kid call time 5:45 
Grade 9-11 parents please help clean up backstage after show

Saturday 3/9

Show 1:30
Matinee cast 
Call time leads 11:00 
11:30 All other students grades 7-12 report to old gym to sing for senior citizen luncheon 
12:15 chorus leaves luncheon to get dressed
12:30 Garnet leads leave luncheon to get dressed
Mic check 12:15


Show 6:30
Call time gold and garnet cast leads 4:30
(lunch will be served to all actors, tech, volunteers, Crew etc...) 
Mic check 5:15
Pit- turn in music books after show to Joey Rice


10 AM -2 PM Clean up- all hands- At least one parent for every child K-12 come to clean up costumes, pit, music books, and stage.
All stage and tech crew plus actors in grades 6-12 are expected to attend.
Paper Plate Awards 12 pm

Some fast facts for the last weeks.

No more absences.

Rehearsal start times are start times not arrival times.

Anyone watching any part of the show (except designated ushers) needs a ticket- this includes preshow. If you choose to leave after preshow- you still need a ticket.

Girls- Wear your bodysuits for all dress rehearsals. Boys - wear compression shorts.
Everyone wear your show shoes from now on.

You may NOT get dressed in bathrooms. EVER.

On show nights - Do not go to bathrooms from 6-6:45 (12:30 -1:15 matinee) or during intermission unless it's an emergency

Never never never miss a cue to go onstage for any reason

Be very quiet in dressing rooms

Don't talk on stage or in wings unless you have a line

Do not leave backstage area in costume before or during show

You may greet the audience after the show, after having tech crew remove your mic, for 10 minutes. Then go back and get changed, so costume moms can leave.

You must keep all your costume pieces together and put everything away before you leave.

Do not bring any valuables to shows

Turn phones off and leave in your bags

Never have a phone on stage (crew - leave them locked in the tech box)

Put all props back on table.

Do not leave any messes.

Everyone but leads should do their own makeup and hair.

Everyone, boys included, need some foundation, blush and mascara.

Bring snacks and drinks- non staining- to practices and shows.

You cannot leave practice or shows until all costumes and trash have been put away.

Warm up your voices fifteen minutes before rehearsal start times. STRETCH!

Get as much rest as possible and rest your voice during the day.

Advertise the show on your social media accounts!

You may not come early or stay late to practices or shows without an adult.

Stage crew, tech, and cast may not leave auditorium or backstage areas during set building, rehearsals, or shows (this includes outside, stairwells, cafeteria etc) without telling an adult unless you are going to get something and come right back


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